Hi, I'm Lutefd aka Luis Dourado , a software engineer from Brazil. I'm currently working at Sensedia as a full-stack developer. I mainly work with Typescript, Golang and a number of frontend frameworks, as well as some DevOps tools.


Latest projects I've been working on

og-genAn OG image generator for the blogposts and pages of the personal website
lutefd-sitePersonal website and blog made with astro and heavily inspired by lee rob, shadcn and nexxels websites
next-aws-middleware-sandboxSandbox for testing middleware in a nextjs aws deployment
luminPDF based ai chat, created with the T3 stack heavily inspired by joschwan quill with a lot of modifications in the procedures and added functionalities
aws-auth-rsAPI made in rust to mock auth flows for me to test middleware and server actions execution in AWS lambdas
test-apiA simple go api that returns a json object for friends of mine to practice their typing and data manipulation skills


My latest articles

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